Senior Class Gift Fund

I can’t state strongly enough how important IPEI is to the students of the Ithaca schools. IPEI is behind so much that enriches and excites the daily experiences of so many students throughout the district.

— ICSD Teacher
  • IHS Senior Class Award

    IHS Senior Class Award

    Working with the student leadership and parents of the graduating classes at Ithaca High School, in 2004 IPEI began to encourage and administer a new tradition of Senior Class Gift Funds. Graduating students with their families have a vehicle to show their gratitude and to act philanthropically while leaving a legacy at IHS.

    As a lasting tribute to their alma mater, the Class of 2004 created an endowed fund to promote and recognize excellent teaching at IHS. Each year an outstanding new teacher will be honored who exemplifies enthusiasm and creativity in teaching.

    The Class of 2005 followed their example and began an endowment to support extracurricular life at IHS by funding an award to a student organization voted upon by the current seniors. It recognizes a club at IHS that makes a positive impact on student life.

    A third award, added in 2014, is given to a staff member that has worked at IHS for five or more years and who has made the greatest impact on the students.

    Current seniors select the award recipients by ballot and recipients are announced at the Senior Awards Convocation in June.

    Recipients of the Senior Class Fund

    These awards include the New Teacher Award, the Student Club Award and the Staff Member Award

    Year             New Teacher                          Student Organization                                Staff Award
    2004             Stephanie Vinch
    2005             Nancy Strippel                         The Tattler
    2006             Jarett Powers                            Habitat for Humanity
    2007             Jarett Powers                            The Tattler
    2008             Todd Noyes                              Free the Children
    2009             Marie Sandusky                       The Tattler
    2010             Jocelyn Lutter                          Link Crew
    2011             Christopher Carver                  Pennies for Peace
    2012             Leann Donnelly                      Red Cross Club
    2013             Nicole Sosnoski                      Strong Women Impacting Society
    2014             Steven Cass                             The Tattler                                                       Joaquin Lira
    2015             Michael Reiff                          Code Red Robotics                                          Jay Barnes
    2016             Paul Heiland                           Strong Women Impacting Society                   Joaquin Lira
    2017             Jonathan Shyne                      The Tattler                                                        Brenda Sullivan

    2018             Matthew Soucy                      K-Pop Dance ClMattheub                                Maria Torres

    2019             Matthew Prokosch                 Green Team                                                      Marilyn Sgrecci

    2020            Kaitlin Hoffay                         Link Club                                                         Judy Cameron 

    2021           Margaux Deverin                      Annual Yearbook                                             Jay Barnes 

    2022          Justin Carr                                 Supporting Women, Impacting Society           Linda Howell 

    2023          Akil Atika,
                      Chris DeAngelis                       Supporting Women, Impacting Society            Jay Barnes
                      Parker Sheldon