Board and Staff

I can’t state strongly enough how important IPEI is to the students of the Ithaca schools. IPEI is behind so much that enriches and excites the daily experiences of so many students throughout the district.

— ICSD Teacher
  • IPEI Board of Directors 2018-19

    Monica Touesnard, President
    Liz Hartman, Vice President
    Kevin Cartmill, Secretary
    Rayna King, Treasurer

    Shivaun Archer
    Anna Sims Bartel
    Jennifer Biloski
    Matt Braun
    Millicent Clarke-Maynard
    Linda Duttweiler
    Adam Jacobstein
    Christa Nuñez
    Joyce Putnam
    Mya Thomspon
    David M. Wahl
    Debbie Whitehead
    Amita Verma

  • Executive Director

    Steven Manley 

    IPEI Affiliate Liaisons:

    Julie Hughes and Alice Wu, Fine Arts Booster Group Presidents

    Illa Burbank, Ithaca STEM Advocates President

    Robert Ainslie and Brad Grainger, ICSD Board of Education


    IPEI Committees:

    Development: Matt Braun, Chair

    Finance: Rayna King, Chair 

    Grants: Joyce Putnam, Chair

    Nominations: Liz Hartman, Chair

    Public Relations: David M. Wahl, Chair

    Kids Discover the Trail! Ithaca: 

    Star Bressler, Steven Manley, Chairs
    Randi Beckmann
    Jennifer Engel
    Mary Grainger
    Sunshine Miller
    Mya Thompson