• Steve Manley finished his term as Executive Director, and the IPEI Board recognized his leadership.

    Image of Resolution

    IPEI drafted a resolution of appreciation celebrating Steve. Click the image above to read it!

    • “His personal and professional contributions have made IPEI stronger,
      financially sound, and poised for growth in the coming years.”

    • “he channels enthusiasm wherever he is – on the street, on a Zoom call, in a board room;
      making each individual he encounters feel heard and respected”

    • “Steve has consistently shined in forming an array of diverse contacts in the Ithaca education,
      arts, business, non-profit, you-name-it worlds, that helped make IPEI a successful community asset;”

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    2023-24 Grant Deadlines:
    Red & Gold and Teacher Grant applications are due:
    October 5
    January 3
    March 13
  • Grant Deadlines

    2022-2Grant Deadlines

    Red & Gold
    and Teacher Grant
    applications are due:
    Oct 6,
    Jan 5,
    March 9.

    Connecting Classrooms grants:
    applications are accepted
    on a rolling basis.

    2023-24 Grant Deadlines:

    Red & Gold and Teacher Grant
    applications are due:

    October 5
    January 3
    March 13

    CCG 22-23
    Connecting Classrooms Grant

    Connecting Classrooms Grant requests begin with the submission of a Letter of Inquiry. These letters are accepted on a rolling basis.

    KDT! Ithaca
    Connecting Elementary Schools
    & the Discovery Trail
    Kids Discover the Trail!

    Connecting kids and their learning to the rich experiences available through one of the eight Discovery Trail organizations.

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  • Connecting School and Community

    Ithaca Public Education Initiative believes the education of every student in the Ithaca City School District is enhanced through community connections and support.
  • The IPEI 2020-2021 Annual Report is available now!

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  • A To see annual reports from previous years check out the annual report archive.

  • Currently, IPEI is providing funding for:

    • Teacher Grants

      Teacher Grants provide up to $1,750 for projects that fund teachers’ great ideas involving community partners and aligning with state learning standards.

    • Red and Gold Grants

      Red and Gold Grants are one-time awards of up to $750 to teachers, staff, students or community members for projects that strengthen and enrich learning and have a positive impact on student engagement.

    • Connecting Classrooms Grants

      Connecting Classrooms Grants encourage partnerships within and across Ithaca schools.

    • $
      in total project funding provided this year!

      IPEI supports these innovative projects with community support.

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