Raymond C. Loehr Funds

I can’t state strongly enough how important IPEI is to the students of the Ithaca schools. IPEI is behind so much that enriches and excites the daily experiences of so many students throughout the district.

— ICSD Teacher
  • IMG_0506 (2)The family of Raymond C. Loehr created the Raymond C. Loehr Scholarship for Environmental Science to honor his 70th birthday and to recognize his lifetime of commitment to education. Scholarships are given to underclass students in ICSD to encourage and recognize interest in science, especially environmental science.

    The Loehr family also initiated the Raymond C. Loehr Award for Excellence in Science Teaching, which is given to an ICSD faculty member to recognize innovative methods for fostering interest in the sciences.



    Year        Environmental Science Student         Excellence in Science Teaching

    2002        Alexander Ranson                                  Sharon Nelson

    2003        Rachel Possen  

    2004        Henri Katherine Pontes  

    2005        Eric Boynton                                            Nancy Ridenour

    2006        Tim Bilinski  

    2007       Samuel Joe Townsend                           Kate Gefell

    2008      Avail Bourne & John Albonesi                Jane Clark

    2009      Lorenzo James Fuchs McClellan          Dan Flerlage

    2010     Alyssa Dockstader                                     Laurie Van Vleet

    2011     Sabrina Lopez                                              Wayne Gottlieb

    2012     Natalia McClellan                                        Jennifer Wilkie

    2013     Erika Uchigasaki                                          Jenny Emerson

    2014     Julian Korfine                                               Nancy Marino, Patti Caughey, Kathleen Whit

    2015     Nora Littell                                                   Carlan Gray

    2016    Carmen Bezner Kerr                                     Kim Shank

    2017     Rachel Jeon                                                  Anna Chapman

    2018     Sophia Patt                                                  Carrie Brindisi

    2019     Rotem Leshed                                             Paula Kilts