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I can’t state strongly enough how important IPEI is to the students of the Ithaca schools. IPEI is behind so much that enriches and excites the daily experiences of so many students throughout the district.

— ICSD Teacher
  • Dr. Luvelle Brown has a vision for the future of American education and wants to recognize ICSD students who show promise as potential future educators and educational leaders with a mentorship program during their junior and senior years at Ithaca High School. 

    The Abraham and Denise Lee Aspiring Educators Award, inspired by Dr. Brown’s lived experiences and supported by IPEI, will identify and engage students from under-represented backgrounds, challenging them to become the next generation of teachers and educational leaders.

    Inaugural recipients were announced at ICSD’s staff Convocation in September 2019.

    2023’s award recipients are Tatianna Gelinas and Sean Silvers.


    Dr. Luvelle Brown and Board of Education President Dr. Sean Eversly Bradwell updated the name of this award and program on August 31, 2022. 

    “The decision to rename the award follows the ICSD and IPEI’s commitment to reversing the legacy of racism and establishing communities built on love and joy by recognizing both the teachers whose legacies embraced all students and the students from under-represented backgrounds who will inspire the next generation of learners.


    [Abe and Denice] were innovators, and they have been out in front of what’s happening in
    our industry,” Dr. Brown shared. “These folks have been talking about STEM education and
    representation of people from marginalized backgrounds in STEM for decades. They did the
    work. And sometimes, they were the only people doing the work.”


    Abraham and Denise Lee honored with named award (Press Release 2023). 


    ICSD Superintendent Fund Press Release (2019)

  • “Our hope is to expand on the pipeline of talented individuals who come back to contribute to our local schools, with exposure to the amazing benefits associated with being a professional educator.”

    -Dr. Luvelle Brown, ICSD Superintendent


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