Red & Gold Grant funds #allweatheractive with Flaming Fries

February 20, 2016

IMG_9206One of IPEI’s Red and Gold Grants this year (and supported by the Spelling Bee!) will be visible across the ICSD and across Ithaca and beyond starting Monday!


Watch for the Flaming Fries messages that are part of their “Service Learning Project: Physical Activity During Challenging Weather” for this year’s Destination Imagination competition. It addresses a lack of outdoor physical activity that happens during cold and inclement weather.


Follow posts #allweatheractive from the Flaming Fries and everyone who posts photos and comments of their physical activity between Feb. 22 and March 4!

It is linked to all parts of the ICSD curriculum because research shows that physical activity is not just good for your body, but also good for your mind. Being active helps improve memory and focus, which will help students in all parts of their education. Plus, activity is a good break for children and adults for people who have to sit for long periods of time throughout the day.

Flaming Fries are in their second year of Destination Imagination activities. Two are fifth graders at Caroline, and five are DeWitt Middle Schoolers. They appreciate all of the campus and community members who met with them in the fall and are pictured here and will be seen on posters across the ICSD and the community, and on social media.


Monday, February 22nd: Cornell Mascot Touchdown the Bear

Tuesday, February 23rd: Cornell’s On Tap Dance Troupe

Wednesday, February 24th: The Blind Spots

Thursday, February 25th: Hilby

Friday, February 26th: Cornell Men’s Hockey Team

Monday, February 29th: Moreland the Magician

Tuesday, March 1st: Vitamin L

Wednesday, March 2nd: Cornell Bhangra

Thursday, March 3rd: Nate the Great

Friday, March 4th: Mayor Myrick & Dr. Brown

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