17 New Red and Gold Grants Awarded

February 24, 2016

IMG_7847IPEI Red and Gold Grants 2015-16 Round 3

17 new grants awarded totaling $7417

Journaling in Nature
Monica Lang/Belle Sherman

Author Visit: Ty Allan Jackson
Susan Newman/Beverly J. Martin

Mindfulness and Yoga for Students
Susan Thomas/Beverly J. Martin

Experiencing Latin Percussion
Jeanette Palmer/Boynton

Bean Bag Toss
Chris Murphy/Boynton

Innovative Physical Education Teaching Curriculum Alignment and Improvement Initiative Part 2
Samuel Trechter/Caroline

First Grade Stargazers
Kate McKee/Cayuga Heights

Increasing Biodiversity on the Enfield Elementary School Campus
Maureen Gilroy/Enfield

Expanding Habitats and Wildlife Diversity
Julie Bakos/Enfield

New York State Plants and Animals Mosaic Mural
Cassandra Mazur/Enfield

Electronic Music Composition and Recording
Benjamin Eckley/Ithaca High

Destination Imagination
Jonathan Baird/LACS


LACS Library Committee Author Visit
Mariah Prentiss/LACS

Amplify! Empowering Students With Technology
Mary-Elizabeth McDaniel/Northeast

Mindfulness and Yoga for Students
Alison Pritz and Sarah Hoffman/South Hill

The Physics Bus
Judith Fernandez/South Hill

Customized Math FACTS Stairway Tread Signs
Laurie Williams and Sheri Meminger/South Hill

Red & Gold Grant funds #allweatheractive with Flaming FriesMany support grants by spelling, sponsoring, volunteering and spectating!