IPEI Connecting Classroom Grants 2015-16 Information

August 27, 2015
Connecting Classrooms Grants Information Sheet
What is the purpose?
These grants are designed to encourage collaboration and innovation within the Ithaca City School District by developing projects that will have a positive impact on students and actively engage students.
Who can apply?
 Applicants must be ICSD teachers or staff members.
Application Process: Fall deadline for Statements of Interest is October 15, 2015
1.      Applicants should submit a Statement of Interest Form electronically to ConnectingClassroomsGrants@IPEI.org.  Statements will be reviewed after the October 15 , 2016 deadline and IPEI will respond within 30 days. 
Questions?  Contact ConnectingClassroomsGrants@ipei.org or call (607)256-4734. 
2.      Applicants whose Statement of Interest show potential and meet IPEI criteria will be invited to submit Formal Proposal Forms.  An IPEI representative may be assigned to applicants to support proposal planning.
3.      The proposal form will be reviewed and considered for approval by the IPEI Board.  The application deadline is rolling, and it is expected that the entire process will require a minimum of 10-12 weeks.
Who will be reviewing the proposals and making the decisions?
The Grant Review Committee consists of at least fivemembers of the lPEl Board of Directors and community members.  Representatives from the ICSD may also be consulted.
IPEI expects to invest a minimum of $1000 in each Connecting Classrooms Grant, and in select cases, grants may reach $10,000. Priority will go to projects that include new and innovative project-based learning that incorporates multiple classrooms. Any durable materials or equipment purchased with Connecting Classrooms funds become the property of the ICSD. These grant funds cannot be combined with any other IPEI grants.
Developing and implementing successful projects takes thoughtful and careful planning.  IPEI recognizes this and is willing to fund such planning with stipends of $35.00 per hour.  Project developers may request funds for planning in the Formal Proposal budget.  Please be aware that no individual may be paid more than $575.00 in stipends for a single project.
Is it innovative?
To what extent does the project contain innovative approaches to learning and for
preparing students for a more dynamic world?  To what extent is the project designed to pilot new techniques and/or creating substantive change in approaches to learning and education?   
Is it collaborative?
“It’s about working together”.  IPEI believes that teachers, administrators, and staff working together will create projects that are more successful in engaging students.  Therefore applicants applying for funding under this program should have a cadre of adults “teaming up” to create projects.  Collaboration could be cross-classroom or cross grade level.  Projects could be school wide or involve teachers from different schools.  Community partners might be involved but would not be the nucleus of the collaboration.
Can this project be sustained after grant funds have been expended?
Successful projects should be able to be replicated by others and/or repeated in future years without significant additional funding. Whereas funds may be necessary to buy materials, train teachers, and plan, recreation of projects must be possible without another infusion of funding.
Can exsisting ideas be funded?
If a proposal shows how a significant infusion of resources can develop an existing project so that it has a wider and deeper impact, IPEI may consider proposals for projects already in existence.
Evaluation: Reports are due 30 days after completion of the project. Reports will include both a quantitative and qualitative evaluation of the project’s success. Projects that are multi-year in scope will require interim reports at the end of each school year, by August 1. Any unspent grant funds are to be returned to IPEI. Failure to submit a summary report will jeopardize any future grant applications.
Agreement Statement:Applicants must have the approval of all involved parties including the building principal(s) for all ICSD students and teachers involved.
NOTE:  ipei.org will be updated before school opens after Labor Day, but currently shows 2014-15 grants information. 
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