IPEI Announces Grants Program Deadlines 2015-16

August 27, 2015

As the 2015-16 school year begins, please keep these
IPEI Grant Programs in mind:
Connecting Classrooms Grants
A highly competitive grant program, encouraging collaboration and innovation
within the Ithaca City School District.
IPEI expects to invest a minimum of $1000 in each Connecting Classrooms Grant, and in select cases, grants may reach $10,000. Priority will go to projects that include new and innovative project-based learning that incorporates multiple classrooms.
 Fall Deadline for Statements of Interest: October 15, 2015
Statement of Interest forms are online at www.ipei.org; submit by email!
Teacher Grants
Applications due November 1 for Teacher Grants (up to $1,500)
that bring community resources into the classroom.
Application forms are online at www.ipei.org; submit by email!
Red and Gold Grants
One-time grants (up to $500) for projects that strengthen and enrich the schools.
Grants are awarded in four review cycles; deadlines: October 19, December 7, February 8, April 4
Application forms are online at www.ipei.org; submit by email!
Fine Arts Booster Group Mini-Grants
Mini-Grants support ICSD arts activities by funding collaborations, visiting artists, and materials.
Grants are awarded in the spring and fall; deadlines: October 15 and February 1
For more information:  www.ipei.org   ipei@ipei.org    607-256-4734
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