IPEI Grants: 2019- 20 Summary

  • In 2019-20 IPEI funded $37,000 in Red and Gold and Teacher Grants 
    IPEI supports educators with innovative ideas that energize the curriculum and foster authentic learning experiences that reach all students. Our programs bring a diverse range of community resources into the classroom, stretching students’ imagination, increasing engagement, and enhancing education. IPEI planned three distinct grant programs for the 2019-20 school year.


  • Teacher Grants 2019-20 Total funding: $23,600

    IPEI’s Teacher Grants program provides grants up to $1,500.00 to ICSD teachers interested in implementing an innovative educational project that directly enhances student learning and/or support student achievement. 

    Round 1 (October 2019):

    Caroline Rocks! A Climbing Wall for All!; Kristin Herman and Amy Seldin-Murphy @Caroline Elementary School
    Music For Unity and Social Change (Year 2); Ahrayna Zakos, Beverly J Martin Elementary School
    Music For Unity and Social Change; Christine Barley @ South Hill Elementary School
    Story Telling Around the World (Year 2); Jane Koestler @ South Hill Elementary School
    Adeeba’s Story; Austin Fay @ Belle Sherman Elementary School
    Adeeba’s Story (Year 2); Brooke Burnett @ Beverly J Martin Elementary School
    Voting Vanguards Book Creation; Jake Chernikoff @ South Hill Elementary School
    A Visual Investigation of Power and its Connection to the Age of Revolutions; Kyle Erickson @ Ithaca High School 


    Round 2 (January 2020):

    A Silence Haunts Me – Beethoven Choral Project; Kristin Zaryski @ Ithaca High School
    IPEI Music for Unity – Caroline 2020; Kristin Herman @ Caroline Elementary School
    Connecting Classroom grant: Author Visit by David Schwartz; @all ICSD Elementary Schools


    Round 3 (January 2020)

    *Grants made during this round have been postponed until schools return to ‘regular practice;’ funding will be dispersed in consultation with the teacher and school leadership regarding success in the time provided.*

    Shifting the Culture: Confronting Sexual Harassment and Assault Among Teens; Jon Raimon  @ LACS
    Supporting Indigenous Cultural Survival Through Education and Action (Year 3); Jon Raimon @LACS
    Let’s Move, Caroline: Move Along Inclusive Sports for Caroline Elementary Schoolers; Kathy Dartt @ Caroline Elementary School
    Animals in my backyard, Year 3; Nancy Braun @Beverly J Martin Elementary School 
    Art-A Cultural Dig into the World through Artifacts & Storytelling; Taura McMeekin @Enfield Elementary







  • Red and Gold Grants 2019-20 Total Funding: $13,500

    Red and Gold Grants are one-time awards of up to $500 to teachers, staff, students or community members for projects that strengthen and enrich learning.

    Round 1 (October 2019):
    Marvelous Multiplication Madness; Spencer Hill @ Cayuga Heights Elementary School
    Use of Spectrophotometry to Expand Student Inquiry in Biology; Arti Jewett @ Ithaca High School
    Performance Story Telling; Shira Reisman @ Lehman Alternative Community School
    International Partnership Connections; Steve Weissburg @ Ithaca High School
    Work Job Library; Alyse Nauseef @ Beverly J Martin Elementary School
    Red and Gold (Drones for Math/programming classes) Jonathan Shyne @ Ithaca High School
    Design and Build at Fall Creek; Maureen Gilroy @ Fall Creek Elementary School
    Pottery, Pattern, and Culture; Gina Cappadocia; Ithaca High School
    Boynton Breakoutedu Kits; Kathleen Cole @ Boynton Middle School
    P.E. & Recess on Wheels; M. Angelina Mirabella @ Caroline Elementary School
    Flexible Seating; Stephanie Kibbe Caroline Elementary School
    Shelves, Bins, and Boxes for Our Classroom Library; Hannah Brown @ Cayuga Heights Elementary School
    Celebrating Hispanic Heritage in our community; Claudia Miettunen @ Ithaca High School
    Rube Goldberg in 5th Grade; Chris Bell @ Fall Creek Elementary School
    Author Visit: Tanya Zabinski; Armin Heurich @ Ithaca High School
    Self-Care space for Teachers; Melissa Enns @ Northeast Elementary School
    Marza Wilks Residency; Michael W. Allen @ Boynton Middle School (planned for Fall 2020)
    2019-2020 Ithaca High School Science Olympiad Team, Build Event Kits; Matthew Fellman @ Ithaca High School
    Sight Word Stations; Jessica Brewer @ Caroline Elementary School
    Radial Symmetry Printmaking & Foam Printmaking; Danica Rickards @ South Hill Elementary


    Round 2 (January 2020):
    Canon rebel t5 to sign out of school; Gina Cacioppo @ Ithaca High School
    Upcycled Instruments; Sarah Jones @ South Hill Elementary School
    Re-Bound: Making Journals From Recycled Materials; Jill Browne @ Enfield Elementary School
    Puppets for Social-Emotional Learning; Teresa Vossen @ Fall Creek Elementary School
    Students’ Aspirations Mural; Marsha Acerra @ Enfield Elementary School
    Cooking and Healthy Food Choices for Teens; Naomi Raimon @ LACS


    Round 3 (January 2020)
    *Grants made during this round have been postponed until schools return to ‘regular practice;’ funding will be dispersed in consultation with the teacher and school leadership regarding success in the time provided.*

    Standing While Learning; Deborah Jordan @ Caroline Elementary School
    Transportation Costs- AVID class to Ithaca College; Matthew Fellman @ Ithaca High School
    Fest Fest: A Middle School Festival; Theresa Souchet & Angela Knight Project Innovation Summer School at Fall Creek Elementary School
    LACS Windowsill Garden Project; Barbara Cerza @ LACS
    LACS Community Garden; Kalidy McMannis @ LACS
    United States Mural; Chris Bell @ Fall Creek Elementary School
    Out of this World Celebration; Regina McNerny @ Fall Creek Elementary School

  • Connecting Classrooms Grants 2019-20

    Connecting Classrooms Grants began in 2014-15. Funded by the Our Children * Our Schools * Our Future capital campaign, they encourage partnerships within and across Ithaca schools.

    In 2019-20, IPEI funded 2 Connecting Classrooms Grants :

    Bringing Author David Schwartz to Ithaca’s Elementary Schools for a half-day visit.* 

    Funding the continued work of the Floating Classroom’s program: trout in the Classroom during Distance Learning updates. 



    *Though this visit has currently been put on hold, we hope to support a visit in the coming school year.  

  • Grant Archives

    Lists of past recipients of Teacher Grants, Red and Gold Grants, Connecting Classrooms Grants, and Community Collaboration Grants are organized by school years. 

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