Workshop for IPEI Grant-Seekers: Getting to Yes!

August 29, 2017

Manley head shot

IPEI and a half dozen ICSD teachers and staff got a jump start on the school year!


In late August, IPEI’s Executive Director Steven Manley held a grant writing seminar at the district’s Learning Hub on Hancock Street. Steven spent about 45 minutes reviewing IPEI’s three types of grants, and covering the expectations of each application.


When asked why he felt such a course might be useful, Steven responded: “Trained teachers are great at what they do, and good at at many, many other things! Yet, grant writing isn’t always one of them. It’s a specific skill set and I subtitled today’s workshop ‘Getting IPEI to say yes’, because I was hoping to share some of the expectations and experiences of our grants committee. I hope this helps the teachers and staff understand what our readers look for when they evaluate grant applications.” Manley was joined by Grants Committee chairs and former ICSD teachers Connie Patterson and Joyce Putnam who shared their thoughts and expertise on the IPEI grants process.


“I hope that these teachers will share what we discussed today with members of their faculty back in their buildings and I also hope to make this presentation available to any building or small group that would like to have IPEI make a visit to their school. Welcome back ICSD, we’re excited to see what you do in 2017-18!”


The presentation is linked here. Interested in hosting this workshop at your school? Email Steve at


IPEI representatives visit staff meetings at the start of the new year to provide everyone with updated  details about the grants programs. View this video for the latest information.

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