Donor Honor Roll

  • Thank You to all of our 2015-16 donors!


  • $10,000 and up

    Terry and Jim Byrnes
    Cayuga Radio Group *
    Jennifer Engel and Larry Young **
    Vector Magnetics Fund of the Community Foundation

  • $5,000 – $9,999

    Alpha Delta Phi at Cornell
    Chemung Canal Trust Company
    Ciaschi, Dietershagen, Little, Mickelson & Company *
    Cornell School of Computing and Information Science
    Raymond and Joan Loehr
    Alice Saltonstall
    Wells Fargo Financial Advisors


  • $2,500 – $4,999

    Anonymous (2)
    Ann Marie Bleach
    BorgWarner Morse Systems
    Bryan Danforth and Marina Caillaud
    Gannett Foundation
    David Lee and Marjory Rinaldo-Lee
    M&T Bank
    Charles E. Treman, Jr. Teacher Grant Fund of the Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund
    Vector Magnetics

  • $1,000 – $2,499

    Anonymous (3)
    Robert H. Abrams
    Robert Ainslie and Judy Singer
    Jan and Charlie Brodhead
    Carlyn and Ed Buckler
    Cayuga Family Medicine
    Cognitive TPG
    Thomas and Loren Colbert
    Datapoint Labs
    Clover Drinkwater
    Eddlestone Family
    Friends of the Tompkins County Public Library
    Gola Osteria *
    Mary and Brad Grainger **
    The Greene-Milstein Family Foundation
    Ithaca Rotary Club- Little Apple Fall Follies
    Barbara Lazaroff
    Stephen Lee
    Sam and Vera McLafferty
    Miller Mayer, LLP
    NYBDC Charitable Foundation, Inc.
    Patterson’s Service Station of Ithaca **
    Stephen and Linda Pope
    Joyce Putnam
    Sciarabba Walker and Co.
    Strebel Fund for Community Enrichment of the Community Foundation
    The CBORD Group, Inc.
    Polly and Charlie Weidhas
    The Whitehead Family
    Terese Treman and Joseph H. Williams
    Alicia Wittink



  • $500 – $999

    Bob and Laura Andolina
    Baker Foundation
    BAE Systems
    Kevin and Vicki Brew
    C.S.P. Management
    Ann Caren
    CFCU Community Credit Union
    Lewis Clark and Alice Wu
    Lawrence Endo and Caron Bove
    Wing and Janine Eng
    Mary Ann and Bill Erickson
    David Fernandez and Elizabeth Lawson
    Ferrer & Monaghan Vein and Aesthetic Center *
    David Feldshuh and Martha Frommelt
    The Ginsparg Family
    Janis Graham and Robert Kuehn
    Hickey Music- Zimet Musical Service *
    Hinchcliff Family Fund of the Community Foundation
    Incodema Inc.
    Noemi Kraut
    Alan and Jenneka McCarty
    Cheryl and John Mitchell
    Tanya and Greg Morrisett
    David Shmoys and Eva Tardos
    John Siliciano and Rosanne Mayer
    Chuck Tauck and Fran Littin
    Terry Marcus Design *
    Katie and Bruce Thompson
    Mya Thompson
    Tompkins Insurance Agencies
    Tompkins Trust Company
    Charles and Nancy Trautmann
    Travis Hyde Properties
    True Insurance
    Wahl Educational Consulting
    Wegmans Food Markets, Inc. *
    Stephanie Wiles and Jeff Rubin

    $250 – $499

    Anonymous (2) 
    Anchor Capital Management, LLC 
    Elizabeth Ashford and David Stinson
    Auburn Party Rental *
    Belle Sherman PTA
    Frank Bonamie
    Matthew and Nancy Braun
    Byrnes Family Fund of the Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund
    Laura and Derek Cabrera
    Caroline PTA
    Kevin and Kelli Cartmill
    Timothy and Mary Ann Knight Colbert
    Robert and Eleanor Conti
    Cornell Catering *
    Cornell School of Electrical and Computer Engineering
    Cornell University
    David and Carolyn Corson
    Janet and Jon Corson-Rikert
    G. Walton and Jeanne S. Cottrell
    Country Club of Ithaca *
    Leslie and Cody Danks Burke
    Peter Davies and Linda DeNoyer
    Erica and Christopher Dawson
    Family and Children’s Service of Ithaca
    John and Molly Fitzpatrick
    Reeder and Sally Gates
    Ann Halpern
    Sue Hamilton
    Heather Harrick and Kunga Delotsang
    Harris Beach, PLLC
    Margaret Hill **
    David and Barbara Holowka
    Hunt Engineers, Architects & Land Surveyors, P.C.
    Lucia and Georg Jander
    Mac Knight
    Frances and Dexter Kozen
    David Kraskow and Liz Hess
    Gilbert and Ilma Levine
    Joel and Nancy Malina
    Marshall and Amalie McCormick
    Anne and Ed McLaughlin
    McPherson Builders, Inc.
    Chrissie Schelhas-Miller and Jim Miller
    David Mohler
    Gerald and Viola Monaghan
    Thomas and Cathy Parthenakis
    Plastic Tides *
    Richards and McCutcheon DDS
    Larry and Marcie Robinson
    Bart Selman
    Judy and Jack Stewart
    The UPS Store
    Tim Merrick Construction
    Milstein-Touesnard Family
    Trane US, Inc.
    Karen Trible and Erik Westwig
    United Way of Tompkins County
    The Kate Seaman Team, Warren Real Estate *
    Warren Real Estate
    Michael Wayne
    Joel and Cathy Zumoff

  • $101 – $249

    John and Janet Abowd 
    Suzanne Anderson  
    Beth Anderson
    Katherine Anderson and Max Pensky 
    Argos Inn *
    Avital’s Apiaries
    Kat Aymeloglu
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Baker Jr.
    Philip and Susan Bartels
    Michelle Bax
    Alan and Jennifer Biloski
    Beth and Peter Brennan
    Bill and Diane Brooks
    Nancy Brooks
    Chris Camadella
    Michael and Michelle Cannon
    Albert and Barbara Cappucci
    Carol Bushberg Real Estate, LLC
    Derek Chang
    Charlotte and Ronnie Coffman
    Abby Cohn and Wilson Mantis
    Ithaca Bakery
    Cornell Campus Club
    John and Ann Costello
    Natalie and Jim Detert
    Tom and Barbara Dimock
    Carol Driscoll
    Linda and Michael Duttweiler
    Randy and Ron Ehrenberg
    Craig Evans and Dwight Myers
    David Evelyn and Jennifer Weinraub
    Sean Eversley-Bradwell
    Finger Lakes Entrepreneurs Forum
    Steve and Carla Fontana
    Olan and Katie Forker
    Brandon Fortenberry
    Barbara Miller Fox
    Andrew Getzin and Karen Laface
    Aaron Godert
    The Halpern Family
    Peter Harriott
    Ellen Harrison
    Ron and Rebecca Harris-Warrick
    The Heitzman Family
    Laurel Hester
    Beth Howard and Russ Charif
    Sami and Catherine Husseini
    Ithaca Council of PTAs
    Dale Johnson
    Ralph and Jane Jones
    Michael Katz and Ellen Cohen-Rosenthal
    Tracy Keel and Steve Rosenblum
    Gene and Rayna King
    Bill and Carol Klepack
    Kevin and Jenny Kniffin
    Barbara Kretzmann
    Suzanne and Bruce Kuntz
    The Langenbacher Family
    Patricia Longoria and Mason Peck
    Lowe/Eldredge Family
    Janet Lowe
    MacKenzie-Childs *
    Paul and Nancy Marino
    Math and Movement
    Carolyn J. McPherson
    Sarah and Tom Misener
    Alice Moore and Robert Smith
    Brad and Julie Newhouse
    John and Rebecca Norman
    Peter Lepage and Deborah O’Connor
    Art and Carrie Ostrander
    Paddle-N-More *
    Carl Palmer
    David and Constance Patterson **
    Arthur and Kathryn Pearce
    Brad Wendel and Liz Peck
    Gregory J. Perreault
    Frank and Susan Piliero
    Esther Racoosin and Eric Alani
    Scott Reynolds
    Thomas Richardson
    Roscoe Brothers Millwork
    Ahren and Barbara Sadoff
    Laurent and Cathy J. Saloff-Coste
    Carolyn Sampson
    Christine A. Sanchirico and Donald Specker
    Kenneth J. Schlather
    Tom Schryver
    Amy Schwartz
    Jeff Scott
    Zach and Angela Shulman
    Six Mile Creek Systems, LLC
    Melissa Smith
    Judy Steele *
    Deborah Stillman
    Lynn Swisher and John Hermanson
    Eric Taylor
    Kinga and Robert Thomas
    Michael and Lisa Thompson
    TidBITS Publishing
    Laurence Tomak
    Joanne Trutko and Christopher Carey
    John Vandenberg and Alice Churchill
    Rob Vanderlan and Audrey DeSilva
    Jodi Wadach
    Charles and Jane Walcott
    Erna and Ralph Westwig
    Jerry and Rosalie Wilcox
    Alan and Susan Zehnder
    Heather and Chad Zimar


  • Up to $100

    Anonymous (12) 
    Amazon Smile Foundation 
    Rachel and Ethan Ash
    Mark and Judith Ashton
    Eileen Bach and Family
    Richard and Maryanne Banks
    Joan M. Barnes
    William Barnett
    William and Jane Bassett
    Mark and Patricia Bax
    Randi Beckmann and John Hoffmann
    Mary Jane Bedore
    Michael and Joyce Billing
    Doug and Karen Binder
    Christa Bissell
    BJ’s Wholesale *
    Dorothy Black
    Paul and Suzy Blanchard
    Arthur and Donna Bloom
    Susan Blumenthal and David Kreinick
    Claire Borch
    Anne Bove
    Dan Breiman
    Robert Breiman
    Gail Brisson and Armin Heurich
    Martha Brodhead
    Brookton’s Market
    Luvelle Brown
    Ted and Janet Buckley
    Bridget Cafaro
    Joan Cappione
    Diane Carruthers
    Lee Cartmill
    Jackie and Joe Cassaniti
    Mark Chao and Miyoko Chu
    Savannah Charif
    Larry and Arlene Chase
    Allison and Tigran Chatrchyan
    Penny Chick and Rory Rothman
    Janie and Christopher Clark
    Suzanne Cohen and Phil Davis
    Paula Cohen
    Luke and Greta Colavito
    Kathleen M. Comella
    Jessica Confer
    Caroline and Ed Cope
    Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson
    Cornell Orchards *
    Cotterill Agency, Inc.
    Jen Curley
    Leslie Daniels
    Ben and Bonita Davis
    David J. Skorton and Robin Davisson
    Cathy and Paul Dawson
    Murray Deathe
    Michael Decatur and Erika Fowler-Decatur
    Barbara DeWall
    Roy and Fran Dexheimer
    Katherine Dickin
    Anne DiGiacomo
    Frank and Barbara DiSalvo
    Discovery Trail *
    Duane Diviney and Jerald Shing
    Becky Driscoll
    Geoff Dunn
    Duthie Orthodontics
    Chris and Cecilia Earls
    Mike and Sherri Ellis
    Shawnee Barnes Emmett
    Adam and Tonya Engst
    Richard Entlich and Ilene Gaffine
    Judy Epstein
    Roger and Sue Eslinger
    Madeline and Matthew Estill
    Gregory and Sally Ezra
    Alan Falk and Laura Winter Falk
    Ching Yuang R. Fang
    David Faulkner and J. Ellen Gainor
    Paul Feeny and Mary Berens
    Michael Fields
    Dick Flaville and Dooley Kiefer
    Ernie and Masha Fontes
    Mark Fowler and Barbara Behrmann
    Patricia Fox and Harry Littel
    Frances McCurdy
    Sharon French
    Karen and John Friedeborn
    William and Barbara Fry
    Lucy Gagliardo
    Greg Galvin
    Charles and Linda Garbo
    Denise Gelberg and Charles Wilson
    Durba Ghosh and Robert Travers
    Gail Giambattista
    Graham Gillespie
    Linda Glaser
    Rabbi Scott Glass and Sharon Glass
    Brenda Godert
    Susan and Michael Goldberg
    Lillian Golovin and Bertram Hoffman
    Gorges, Inc.
    Mirit Gorohovsky
    Anne Gorsky
    Mary Beth Grant
    Cindy Gration and Julie Geyer
    Robert and Eileen Gravani
    GreenStar Natural Foods Market *
    Suzanne and Tom Grout
    Mary Grover and Tom Knipe
    Mary Guthrie
    Hairy Canary Clip Joint *
    Stephen Hand, DDS
    Russell and Ann Harper
    Thomas Hartshorne
    George and Deirdre Hay
    Jim and Betta Hedlund
    Brian Heltsley and Ann Hoffman
    Margaret Hobbie and Roger Haydon
    Mildred Hochman
    Leni Hochman and Tim Joseph
    Steve Hoffman
    Margaret Hohenstein
    Richard Holtz and Carol Ornstein
    Peter Hoyt
    Sujin Chong Huber
    Janet Huie and Anthony Greenberg
    Chris, Kellie, and Anna Hummel
    Hirasuna-Hunter Family
    Island Health and Fitness *
    Ithaca Teachers Association
    Suzanne Smith Jablonski and William Jablonski
    Jarra Jagne
    Rhoda and Ralph Janis
    John and Susan Jaquette
    Steve and Danette Johnson
    Andrea Kabcenell and John Kuder
    Sherry Kadlec
    The Kaltman Family
    Mary Kane
    Jane Kaplan
    Marc and Phyllis Kaplan
    Marsha and Fredric Kardon
    Barbara Kathan
    Holly and Michael Kazarinoff
    Casey Keller and Keith Hannon
    Kathy Kelly and Jim Jenkins
    Karen Kiechle
    Irene Kiely
    Benjamin Kirk
    Jane Koestler and Jim Karpinski
    Kathy Krafft
    Dylan Kuckes and Jeffra Ruesink
    Beth Kunz and David Flaten
    Elaine Kuo and David Lin
    Rachel Lampert and David Squires
    Matt Landahl
    Moira Lang
    Micheline Leblanc
    Frank and Jane Poe
    Lynn Leopold
    Deborah Levin
    Diana Levy and Bruce Fabens
    Xin Li
    Peter and Enid Littman
    June Locke
    Jamie and Caitlin Loehr
    Barbara Logan
    Paula Long and Joshua Young
    Beth Lyon
    Jane and Scott MacDonald
    Pete and Tami Magnus
    Margaret Maimone
    Mama Goose
    Heidi and Steve Marschner
    Peter and Ann Martin
    Mary and Alan Mathios
    Anna Matusiewicz


    Saorise McClory and Larry Hirschberger
    Amy McCune and David Winkler
    Sheila McEnery and John Fleischauer
    Kevin McGuire
    Kevin and Elizabeth McMahon
    Philip and Mary Lu McPheron
    Emily and Joe Metz
    Miel Beauty Bar *
    Jesse Miner
    Todd Miner and Mary Iandoli
    Jim and Barbara Mingle
    Michele Mitrani
    Bronwyn Mohlke
    Kelly Morris and David Shalloway
    Everett and June Morse
    Moscato and Associates, Inc.
    Tim and Elizabeth Mount
    Jane Mt. Pleasant and Darol Chamberlain
    Bill and Stacey Murphy
    Paul and Marie Muscente
    Heather Myers
    Renee Newton
    Jan and Janice Nigro
    John Oakley and Margaret Hammond
    Marcy Ogborn
    Daniel Ovadia
    Susan and James Pabody
    Rick Page
    Pilates Room and Antigravity Studio *
    Ann Sampson and Greg Poe
    David and Michelle Landers
    Victor Pottorff
    Jacquie and Mike Powers
    Mariah Prentiss
    Richard Prybyl
    Lauren Putnam
    Jim and Leslie Quest
    Priscilla Quirk
    Phyllis Rappaport and Martin Ginsburg
    Alyssa Ravenelle
    Red Feet Wine Market & Spirit Provisions *
    Ann Reichlin and Nels Bohn
    Sandy and Joan Reuning
    Thomas and Stephanie Roach
    Ken Roberts and Angela Cornell
    Martha and Steve Robertson
    Margaret and Frank Robinson
    Eric and Margaret Robinson
    Jay Rogan
    Ally Rooks and Shane Henderson
    Robin Rosoff
    Ellen and Art Rosten
    Mary Royer and Nelson Burdick
    Laurie Rubin
    Elliot and P.A. Rubinstein
    John and Doreen Rudan
    John Rudd and Beverly Chin
    Betsy Rudolph
    Scott and Janet Russell
    Karin Salfi
    Gail and Jim Salk
    Peter and Paulette Salmon
    Catherine Savage
    Esty Schachter
    Carol Scheele
    Rich Schlenker
    Fred Schneider and Mimi Bussan
    Arnold Schwartz
    Zoya Segelbacher
    Shankar and Mala Sen
    Anne Shakespeare
    Jan and Mike Shay
    Bintu Sidiki
    Pamela Bleiwas and Jeffrey Silber
    Mike and Aleza Simons
    Maryann and Roger Simpson
    Kenneth Simpson and Mia Slotnick
    Christopher Smith
    Elliott and Alison Smith
    Jeffrey and Suzanne Snedeker
    Snug Planet
    Steve and Arden Snyder
    Thomas and Donna Sokol
    Lori Sonken and Mark Messing
    Theresa Souchet
    Cecile Spero (D)
    Steven and Mary Stein
    Margaret and Rich Steinacher
    Terri and Bruce Stoff
    Robert and Naomi Strichartz
    Gregory Subtelny
    Denise and Mark Sullivan
    Tompkins County Solid Waste Management Division
    Patricia and Joseph Tempesta
    Sandy Thananart
    Steven and Shannon Thayer
    Leo Tohill and Irene Komor
    Jennifer Wilke and Jeffrey Tomasik
    Tops Markets (In kind)
    Diane Traina and Bill Schulze
    Treleaven by King Ferry Winery *
    Jason and Christine Trumble
    Lisa Tsetse and Sox Sperry
    Sandy and Jay True
    Yohko Tsuji
    Ann Tucker
    James Ungvarsky
    Norman and Marguerite Uphoff
    Margaret Van Houtte
    Robbert van Renesse and Lesley Greene
    Amanda Verba
    Andrea Volckmar
    Vanessa Wagner
    Andrew Wahl
    David and Olivia Wahl
    Margaret Wakeley
    Gretchen L. Wall
    Robert Walters
    Laura Ward
    Sally and James Warren
    Zenon and Pat Wasyliw
    Janet Waterman
    Lisa and Chris Watkins
    Maura Weathers and John Bird
    Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
    Nancy Weislogel
    Mitch Weiss and Martha Hamilton
    Jaclene Weston
    Betty Windstein
    Paula Winner and Jay Russo
    Melynda Wissar
    Peter Wissoker and Laurie Miller
    Christina C. Wu
    Eileen Yagoda and Ross Brann
    Karen and Geoffrey Yearwood
    Chris and Stephen Zinder


    * Inkind   ** Inkind and Gift