Tribute & Memorial Gifts

  • Thank You to all of our donors who honored an individual with their gift in 2020-21

  • Gifts made in honor

    Gifts to IPEI were made in honor of the following individuals

    Michael Allen
    By: James Undercoffler

    Mary Grainger
    By: Jean McPheeters
    Linda Pope

    Jack Lowe
    By: Christopher Lowe

    Steven Manley
    By: Paula Peter

    Antonia Rosenbaum
    By: Lynn Leopold

    Monica Touesnard
    By: Patricia Longoria

    John and Jimmy Whitehead
    By: Debbie and Chuck Whitehead


  • Gifts made in celebration

    Gifts to IPEI were made in celebration of the following individuals:
    All of our ICSD Educators
    By: Lily Talcott

    Randi Beckman
    By: Anonymous(2)
    Katie Bagnall-Newmann
    Matt & Nancy Braun
    Robin and Art Brody
    Ann Caren
    Millicent and Willoughby Clarke Maynard
    Peggy Dolan
    Jyl Dowd
    Sean and Nicole Eversley Bradwell
    Martha Frommelt and David Feldshuh
    Mary and Brad Grainger
    Nancy Hall
    Ann Halpern
    Bill Hanlon
    Andrea Lachance
    Moira Lang
    Raylene Ludgate
    Maria Matthews
    Janice and Jan Nigro
    Sheila Out
    Paula Peter
    Joyce Putnam
    Esther Racoosin and Eric Alani
    Meghan McQuaide Reiff
    Christine Schelhas-Miller
    Charlie & Nancy Trautmann
    Vanessa and Paul Wagner
    Julie Wells

    IPEI Grants Committee Members
    By: Joyce Putnam

    Ross Mizrahi
    By: Susan Watkins

    Sarah Roberts
    By: David Mohler

    Teacher Mary Iandoli’s Retirement
    By: Todd Miner


    Gifts to IPEI were made in memory of the following individuals:

    Ian Alberta
    By: Kate Hinchcliff
    Leni Hochman and Tim Joseph
    Mildred Hochman
    Brendan O’Brien
    Alexander Traina

    Ralph Jones
    By: Martha Frommelt
    Mary Grainger
    Vally Kovari
    Frank and Susan Piliero
    Joyce Putnam

    Alisa Mengel
    By: Lucas Webb

    Josh Endo
    By: Kat Aymeloglu
    Anne Bove
    Dave Bove
    Lawrence Endo
    Eric Miller and Sarah Rubenstein-Gills
    Janice and Jan Nigro
    Linda Pope
    Suzanne Snedeker