Thank Terrific Teachers and Staff

May 31, 2016

It’s time to thank teachers and staff for everything they do for students!

Every spring IPEI encourages parents and others to show appreciation for their students’ teachers and school staff. IPEI’s “Thank Terrific Teachers” campaign began in May for Giving is Gorges and will continue through the end of school in June.

For 20 years, IPEI has recognized the key role that Ithaca City School District teachers and others across the school community play. We empower them with grants so they can innovate while also making connections between school and community. Activities funded by IPEI have been shown to enhance education for all students and to increase student engagement.

At the end of the school year or at graduation, a gift to IPEI is a special way to say thank you. It’s as easy as indicating on an IPEI gift form, envelope or online that you wish to make the gift “in honor of”.

Staff retirements are also excellent times for such tributes. Gifts can be made “wherever the need is greatest”; or to the Senior Class Gift Fund (choice under Special Fund); or to IPEI grants, programs or affiliates.

A message can be sent to those you honor to notify them of your thoughtful and generous action.

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