Red and Gold Grants Round 4 Announced

April 21, 2016

2016-04-12 12.50.26-1Red and Gold Grants 2015-16

Round 4

Reviving the BJM Community Garden
Kristen Karastury/Beverly J.Martin

Fourth Grade Social Studies Field Experience
Kelsey DeLany and Robert Graham/Beverly J. Martin

Building Community Through Music
Susan Zakos/Beverly J. Martin

First Grade Stargazers at Caroline
Aileen Grainger/Caroline

Learning through Play: Adventure Play Days at Caroline
Mary Grover/Caroline

Birding Case Study
Ryan Conklin, Jennifer Emerson, and Joseph Ford/Caroline

Vitamin L Choral Group Assembly at Caroline Elementary School
Karen Cushman/Caroline

Sensory Rich P.E.!
Amy Seldin-Murphy/Caroline

Partners in Pollination and Seed Dispersal
Julie Wells/Caroline

Goodies: Book Awards for Our Favorites
Jennifer Goodmark/Caroline

Carpentry at Caroline: NextGen Design and Building for a Better Community
Brian VanGorder/Caroline

WWII: The U.S. Home Front**
Pamela Engram/DeWitt

Nature vs. Nurture
Georgette Graham and Joshua Dresen/Enfield

LACS Community Food Hub Hanalei Berg with Jon Raimon/LACS
West Hill and LACS Collaborative Spaces Initiative

Francesca Merrick with Bart Auble/LACS

LACS Women’s Build

Judith Paskin/LACS

Fun and Fairness on the Playground
Lita Remsen/South Hill

Building Words One Letter at a Time: Engaging Kindergarteners in Language Arts Curriculum through Unique Construction Toys
Julie Stamm/South Hill



**Designated in memory of Charles W. (Chuck) Brodhead, IPEI founding board member

West African Drum and Dance Experiences for ICSD CommunityLearning Enhanced through Kids Discover the Trail! Ithaca