IPEI Red and Gold Grant supports all readers!

October 10, 2017

When Michelle Szymczak applied to IPEI for a Red and Gold grant, she explained her classroom reading situation like this:

“I have seen students who struggle with reading accuracy and students who struggle with interest make connections to a story like never before through graphics novels.  Many times students get interested but are unable to find the graphic novel in the library because they are so popular.  If IPEI provides this grant, I will have class sets of popular graphic novels available, to maximize the chance a student will connect with a book.  Over time, students who “hated” to read at the beginning of the year have gained confidence, reading skill, interest and stamina and are ready to try other genres.”

IPEI was excited by the list of graphic novel Michelle presented including The Lightning ThiefCompass South,  Hardy Boys Boxed Set and the Dinosaurs Graphic novel box set among others, and funded the project. 

We were glad to hear from her this week!

Thank you, IPEI! With your grant, “I have seen great growth in my students! Using graphic novels has increased their stamina and confidence. The students are engaged in the texts and proud to be reading what his friends are reading. I have been impacted as a teacher by the success of this project because it provided me with evidence on how important interest is. I think it is so important to try and find a book that a child loves. Making an early connection with books and becoming a “reader” has lasting effects and benefits.”

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