New Connecting Classrooms Grant Announced

April 10, 2016

In Round 2 of Connecting Classrooms Grants, “Communicating Science through Exhibits and Demonstrations” has been approved!  The activities will occur during 2016-17 school year but funding for planning and preparations have now been approved by the IPEI Connecting Classrooms Grant Committee and IPEI Board.

Lead ICSD Applicants: Elizabeth Quadrozzi and Yvette DeBoer, DeWitt Middle School
With teachers: Rob Arena, Anne Bechert, and Carol Hoffman

In order to teach students about effective design of, and communication through an exhibit, we will expose our students to a variety of exhibits. A wide range of community organizations will be invited to present an exhibit to students, and then explain how the components of the exhibit were chosen.


Through this process students will learn to critique what they see, determining what they considered engaging, which facets of the exhibits they thought did and didn’t work, and any components they might like to include in their own exhibit or demonstrations.


Students will then research, design, build and facilitate an interactive demonstration or exhibit that explores a topic in science. The topic will be of their choosing, from something covered in class, or an outside interest the student may have.

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