IPEI Red and Gold Grants Information 2015-16

August 27, 2015
IPEI Red and Gold Grants Information Sheet
Designed to address the need for grant opportunities that require modest amounts of funding and fall outside the parameters of our Teacher Grants program, teachers, staff, students and community members may apply for one-time grants that assist with projects that strengthen and enrich the ICSD curriculum, have a positive impact on students and actively engage students.
IPEI Red and Gold Grants are awarded quarterly using the following deadlines for application submissions: October 19, 2015, December 7, 2015, February 8, 2016, and April 4, 2016. Applications are due by end of day (midnight). Grant awards are announced within two weeks.
Purpose:  To provide one time, needed funds for classroom and/or school projects developed by ICSD teachers, staff, students or community members that strengthen and enrich a school’s curricular and/or co-curricular activities and fall outside the criteria of IPEI’s Teacher Grant Program. Red and Gold Grants are not meant for long-term funding for ongoing projects.
Funding:  One time grants of up to $500.00 made quarterly throughout the school year. First priority will go to new and innovative project-based learning. Any durable materials or equipment purchased with Red and Gold Grants funds become the property of the ICSD. These grant funds cannot be combined with any other IPEI grants.
Who can apply:  Applicants must be ICSD teachers or staff members, students, and/or community members. A community member must partner with an ICSD employee or student. Applicants may apply for one grant at a time. Once that grant is concluded and the final summary report has been submitted, an applicant may apply for another grant. If funds are available, separate requests for the same project for multiple classrooms will be considered; however, supporting rationale will be needed as well as the principal’s approval.
Review criteria:  Consideration will be given to all requests, but those meeting the following criteria will be given preference:
Highest priority will be given to new and innovative project-based learning opportunities.
·       Enhance and support the existing curriculum, and/or connect students to the community.
·       Demonstrate the potential for sustainability after the grant is concluded.
·       Encourage active student engagement in the project.
·       Affect larger numbers of students or have a particularly powerful impact on a small group of students.
·       Have the ability to share supplies and durable goods with multiple groups of students and/or teachers within a building.
Application Process:  All applications are submitted electronically as email attachments to: RedandGoldGrants@IPEI.org and will be reviewed shortly after the following quarterly deadlines: October 19, 2015, December 7, 2015, February 8, 2016, and April 4, 2016. Applications are due by end of day (midnight).  IPEI may accept grant applications outside these cycles, on a funds available basis only, to address exceptional, last minute requests to fund unforeseen opportunities that arise during the school year.
Reports:  IPEI Final Grant Report Forms are due 30 days after completion of the project. Please review the report forms prior to submission of a grant so that you are aware of what questions you will be asked to respond to.  Any unspent grant funds are to be returned to IPEI. Failure to submit a report will jeopardize any future grant applications.
Agreement Statement: In submitting this grant application, you will be asked to confirm that this application has the approval of all involved parties including the building principal(s) for all ICSD students and teachers involved.


 NOTE:  ipei.org will be updated before school opens after Labor Day, but currently shows 2014-15 grants information.   
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