Situational Grants

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    Situational Grants

    In keeping with our mission to connect our classrooms to the community and support teacher ideas, IPEI has created a special grant round to support our teachers and ICSD professionals during the current social-distancing and distance learning events occurring as a result of COVID-19. 

    This funding will be made available to support the efforts of ICSD employees for the benefit of students participating in distance-learning programs. 

    In a time of change, growth, and challenge, IPEI stands with our teachers, schools, and students.


    We are NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS at this time 


    We are providing funding of up to $500 for ideas which:

    Provide teachers with access to funding to institute, develop and/or maintain learning in a distance-learning environment.

    Provide funding to allow support staff, like social workers, Special Ed teachers, etc., to help students facing unique challenges in the current situation.

    Note: Any class or grade who has already received a Situational Grant will not be considered for an additional grant. 

    IPEI is funded 22 Situational Grant projects and programs, totaling $9,081 in financial support. 

     Lit Circles; Mary Bronfenbrenner @ Ithaca High School
     This Lit Circle Unit had been planned for the end of the year, but we do not have enough or any copies of all the desired books.

    Distance Learning Support; Lisa Alexander @ Ithaca High School
    Requesting support for products purchased to aid in teaching online during the opening weeks of school closure.

    Distance Mathematics; Shaun Errichello @ Ithaca High School
    Students get access to video lessons on every aspect of our algebra 2 course and every Regent’s question ever asked on the common core exams.

    Getting Tommy Orange’s There There into the Hands of IHS Students During COV-19 2020; Mike Reiff @ Ithaca High School
    This grant will fund the purchasing and shipping of copies of Tommy Orange’s novel There There for IHS ENG 102 Students (and will procure copies of the novel for future cohorts of IHS Seniors).

    Let’s Create; Jill Browne @ Enfield Elementary School
    Providing each 5th grader with provisions to make and create at home.

    iPad for Enhanced Distance Learning; Jake Chernikoff @ South Hill Elementary School
    The use of an iPad and associated tools would allow me to enhance the richness and effectiveness of learning for my students.

    Situational Grant- Hands-On!; Anne Modlin @ Beverly J Martin Elementary School
    Providing hands-on materials and books to all my students.

    PreK to the Museum!; Kelly Craft & Stephanie Kibbe, ICSD PreK teachers; @ICSD schools*
    Supporting a virtual trip, pre- and post-trip activities for all Pre-K students to the Johnson Museum. *Funded in conjunction with Kids Discover the Trail’s (KDT!) Buddy Up program

    End-of-year “performance” videos; Ross Mizrahi @ South Hill Elementary School
    I am going to create videos of students performing songs “together!”

    CHES 3rd Grade STEM Projects – at home; Spencer Hill and the 3rd-grade team @ Cayuga Heights Elementary School
    Engaging our 3rd graders in fun, practical, design-and-build STEM activities while they’re away from school.

    Situational grant- Digital Reading; Paula Long @ Beverly J Martin Elementary School
     Purchase digital books to keep our students reading.

    Art Supplies for elementary school students; Marsha Acerra @ Caroline Elementary School
    This grant will provide art supplies to students which will allow them to participate in distance learning art lessons.

    Earth, Moon, Sun Supplies; Amy Eckley and the 5th-grade team @ South Hill Elementary
    We will be studying the fifth grade science standards around the earth, moon, and sun, and in order to achieve both an academic understanding and increase motivation, we want to provide students with supplies that they can use for the active engagement portion of these lessons.

    Art and Latin American Research; Amy Eckley and the 5th-grade team @ South Hill Elementary
    In connection with a research project on a Latin American country, the students will make a 3-D map of their country and use color to show elevation, and the students would work with the art teacher to plan and create a piece of art modeled after Mexican bark paintings, a kind of folk art.

    For the Birds!; Jill Browne @ Enfield Elementary
    Building birdhouses using kits and virtual instruction as part of our distance-learning habitat-enhancement science project.

    E-books and Audiobooks for Distance Learning Fun; Maureen Gilroy @ Fall Creek Elementary School
    I want to build the Fall Creek Library collection with more e-books and online audiobooks, especially picture books, so that children can learn and have fun with reading.

    Junior Solar Sprint Kit; David Buchner @ DeWitt Middle School

    Students from around the ICSD will receive a Junior Solar Sprint kit and build a solar vehicle at home with their families.

    Ways of seeing: Nature Journaling Together from a Distance; Taura McMeekan and Keith Harrington @ Enfield Elementary School
    The purpose of this grant is to get nature journals and the needed supplies into our second through fourth graders hands now and use the process of nature journaling to connect the close of this year to the beginning of next year through the teaching and enforcing of these valuable and transferable skills:

    ● Capacity for observation ● Critical thinking ● Sensory memory

    “Friends Forever” Friendship Alliance Brigade’s Inspirational Trail; Stephanie Colombo @ Enfield Elementary School
    This will be an end of year culminating experience for students in the FAB club for them to leave a piece of artwork they curate with inspirational quotes or poems that will spread joy, happiness, and gratitude for friendship to anyone who walks the trail around Enfield Elementary school.

    Distance Learning Materials; Raymond Cole @ Ithaca High School
    A one-year subscription to online resources that can be used both for distance learning and in-class learning

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    Thank you for your interest in our Situational Grants.

    We are NOT ACCEPTING APPLICATIONS at this time 

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