Congratulations to IPEI's Teacher Grant Recipients and Community Partners

November 19, 2015
Teacher Grants 2015-16
Harmonious Harps at Belle Sherman                                                                                                         
Cindy Daly/Belle Sherman with
Lisa Craig Fenwick, Professional Harpist
Inside Outside Upside Down: Discovering the World through the Language of Dance                
Sheri McWhorter-Wyckoff and Mary Anne Camel/Beverly J. Martin with
Lisa Tsetse, Choreographer
Scaffolding to Infinity   
Katie Dietrich Cacciotti/Beverly J. Martin with
Sarah Wolff, Poet
Yoga Storytelling and Strengthening a Sense of Self                                                                               
Sarah Smith and Kelly Craft/Fall Creek and Beverly J. Martin with
Diane Hamilton, Yogi and Storyteller
ELEVATE Science Learning with Drones*                                                                                     
Brian VanGorder/Caroline with
Matt Sacco, Cayuga Nature Center, and CUAIR Cornell University Drone Club
Where in the World                                                                                                                                       
Kerri Burke/Caroline with
Mary Beth Ihnken, Artist
Energy Decisions: Problem-Based Learning for Enhancing Student Motivation and Critical Thinking in Middle and High School Science *                                                                                                               
Laurie VanVleet/DeWitt and Ithaca High with
Karen Edelstein, GIS specialist
Using Rhyming and Music to Build Early Literacy Skills                                                                           
Sharon Ciferri/Enfield with
Judy Stock, Musician
Barry Deutsch Author Visit                                                                                                                           
Allison Andersen/Fall Creek with
Barry Deutsch, Author
Fall Creek Family Dance **                                                                                                              
Karla Notarianni/Fall Creek with
Victoria Armstrong, Dance Caller, and Dave Davies, Musician
English 10 / English 12 Viewing of Macbeth (2015) at Cinemapolis                                                     
Michael Reiff  and William Asklar/Ithaca High School with
Brett Bossard, Cinemapolis
Medieval and Renaissance Extravaganza*                                                                                                
Cassidy Fisk/Ithaca High School with
Carol Hockett, Johnson Museum of Art, and Maryterese Pasquale-Bowen
Reforesting Chestnut Street                                                                                                                         
Sarah Jane Bokaer/LACS with
Pamela Markham, Horticulturist
LACS presents  Wassa Pan Afrikan Dance Ensemble                                                                              
Marcy Little/LACS with
Nana Kwasi Anim, Director of Wassa Pan Afrikan Dance Ensemble
How to Keep Our World Healthy and Clean for Everyone and Everything         
Emily Kerry/Northeast with
Tompkins County Solid Waste, and Cayuga Compost
Take One Picture                                                                                                                                            
Alison Pritz/South Hill with
Carol Hockett, Johnson Museum of Art, Jai Hari Meyerhoff, Yogi
*Selected to be funded by the Charles E. Treman Jr. Teacher Grant Endowment of the Tompkins Charitable Gift Fund in memory of the former president of the Tompkins Trust Company.
**Selected to be funded by a gift from a retired ICSD teacher who encourages the integration of music into elementary classrooms.
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