Apply for Connecting Classrooms Grants

  • Applications for IPEI’s Connecting Classrooms Grants will be accepted beginning August 1st.

    Applying for a Connecting Classrooms Grant occurs in two steps:

    1. Submit a Letter of Interest to be reviewed by the IPEI Grants Committee
    2. If requested by the Grants Committee, submit a Formal Application for the Connecting Classrooms Grant, which will be voted on by the IPEI Board.

    Submit CCG Letter of Interest

    This form will automatically submit, and a copy of your letter will be emailed to you. 

    A copy of the Connecting Classroom Grant formal application can be viewed by clicking the button below. 

    After completing a Letter of Interest, IPEI’s Grants Committee may invite you complete a Formal Application, and provide a partner from their committee to support you.   

    View CCG Formal Application
    Questions? or 607.256.4734!