Donor Honor Roll

  • Thank You to all of our 2020-2021 donors!


  • $10,000 and up

    Adams Foundation, Inc.
    Terry and Jim Byrnes
    Deutsch Family Foundation
    Jennifer Engel and Larry Young
    Bill Hanlon

  • $5,000 – $9,999

    Ann Marie Bleach
    Caroline Elementary School PTA
    Fall Creek Elementary School PTA
    The Greene-Milstein Family Foundation
    Guthrie Healthcare Systems
    David Lee and Marjory Rinaldo-Lee
    South Hill Elementary School PTA
    Tompkins Trust Company
    Triad Foundation, Inc.
    Sandi Wood


  • $2,500 – $4,999

    Robert Ainslie and Judy Singer
    Howland Foundation
    Charles and Nancy Trautmann

  • $1,000 – $2,499

    Anonymous (via Network for Good)
    Alpha Delta Phi at Cornell
    Shivaun and Lynden Archer
    Dr. and Mrs. Robert W. Baker Jr.
    Belle Sherman Elementary School PTA
    Dave and Joanna Bock
    Robert Brewer
    Charlie and Jan Brodhead
    Luvelle Brown, Ed.D.
    Carol Bushberg Real Estate, LLC
    Cayuga Heights Elementary School PTA
    Cayuga Medical Center
    Linda Church Ciocci

    The Community’s Foundation’s Myrtle Dee Nash Memorial Fund
    Cornell University Office of Community Relations
    Richard Deutsch
    Jose and Maria Drost
    Wendy Goldberg
    Finger Lakes Running Company
    Erin Grainger
    Mary and Brad Grainger
    Jim and Betta Hedlund
    Mike and Linda Hoffmann
    Charles Light
    Miller Mayer, LLP
    Northeast Elementary PTA
    Linda and Stephen Pope
    Jane Juhl Posner
    Joyce Putnam
    Monika Radloff
    Nick and Ann Salvatore
    Eric Shano
    Virginia Tesy
    Katie and Bruce Thompson
    Terese Treman and Joseph H. Williams
    Vector Magnetics
    Polly and Charlie Weidhas


  • $500 – $999

    Anchor Capital Management, LLC
    Kavita Bala and Andrew Myers
    Beverly J Martin Elementary PTA
    BorgWarner Morse Systems
    Cayuga Family Medicine
    Center for Transformative Action
    Chemung Canal Trust Company
    Classen Home Health Associates
    Audrey DeSilva and Rob Vanderlan
    Lawrence Endo and Caron Bove
    (FIRST) For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology
    Kate Forester
    Sara & Nate Foster
    Martha Frommelt and David Feldshuh
    Sandy and Glenn Galbreath
    Lesley Greene and Robbert van Renesse
    Sally and David Grubb
    Institute for Educational Innovation
    Ithaca Board of REALTORS
    Robert David Kleinberg and Miranda Eve Phillips
    Paul Levesque II
    McPherson Builders, Inc.
    Jim Miller and Chrissie Schelhas-Miller
    MiTiGen, LLC
    Elizabeth and Tim Mount
    Art and Katy Pearce
    Paula Peter and Mike Ward
    Scott Reynolds
    Linn Schlaifer
    David Shmoys and Eva Tardos
    John Siliciano and Rosanne Mayer

    Hung and Yu Tai
    Mya Thompson and family
    Milstein-Touesnard Family
    Rohit and Amita Verma
    Frances Webb
    Wegmans Food Markets, Inc.
    Alicia & Mark Wittink

  • $250 – $499

    Anonymous (2)
    Linda Adams
    Philip and Susan Bartels
    William and Jane Bassett
    Larry and Trudy Baum
    Blanche Beckmann
    Peter and Beth Brennan
    Kevin and Vicki Brew
    Margery Brodhead
    Ann Caren
    Kevin and Kelli Cartmill
    CFCU Community Credit Union
    Millicent and Willoughby Clarke-Maynard
    Ronnie and Charlotte Coffman
    Caroline and Ed Cope
    Corning Incorporated Foundation
    CSP Management
    Peter Davies and Linda DeNoyer
    C.S.P. Management
    Greg Durrett
    Duthie Orthodontics
    Linda and Michael Duttweiler
    Ferrer & Monaghan Vein and Aesthetic Center
    Steven Folsom
    Sarah Galbreath and Steve Hugo
    Ann Halpern
    David Harding
    David and Barbara Holowka
    Howard Hanna Real Estate Services
    Meegan Hughes
    Ithaca Teachers Association
    Lucia and Georg Jander
    Meghan Kennedy
    David O. Kish
    Diane Klein
    Fran and Dexter Kozen
    Moira Lang
    Peter Lepage and Deborah O’Connor
    Jennifer Lyons and Michael O’Neill
    Ann Martin
    Peter Martinez
    Peter McCracken and Jennifer Germann
    Richard S. McCutcheon DDS
    Andrew Milstein and Melissa Hyman
    David Mohler
    Sean Nicholson
    Jennifer Lyons and Michael O’Neill
    Connie and David Patterson
    Frank and Susan Piliero
    Monica & Roman Politi
    The Keel Rosenblum Family
    Laurent and Cathy J. Saloff-Coste
    Kelviden Equestrian Center
    Cornell Delta Delta Delta Sisters
    Kirk Sigel
    Jeane and Richard Singer
    STAPLES of Ithaca
    David Stinson
    Forest and Water Solutions
    Shaoming Ryan Sun
    Lily Talcott
    Karen Trible and Erik Westwig
    United Way of Tompkins County
    Wahl Educational Consulting
    Mingming Wu
    Helen Ann Yunis
    Joel and Cathy Zumoff

  • INITIATORS  $101-259

  • $101 – $249

    Anonymous (9)
    Anonymous gifts through The Benevity Community Impact Fund
    Beth Anderson
    Bob and Laura Andolina
    Julia Aquadro
    Ellen Avril
    Lynsay Ayer
    Kat Aymeloglu
    Anna Sims Bartel and Len Bartel
    Bruce Beem-Miller
    Michael Bend and Valerie Hans
    Mary Berkelman
    Lakshmi Bhojraj
    Dorothy Black
    Paul and Suzy Blanchard
    Susan Blumenthal and David Kreinick
    Frank Bonamie
    Dave Bove
    Anne Bove
    Laura Branca
    Matthew and Nancy Braun
    Robert Breiman
    Robin and Art Brody
    Camel Brown
    Illa and David Burbank
    Derek and Nora Burrows
    Anne Carbone
    Scott and Megan Chaskey
    Dan and Celia Clement
    Dan Cogan
    Arthur and Donna Cooper
    Jeane Copenhaver-Johnson
    Dean Corbin
    Cornell Concert Series
    David and Carolyn Corson
    Mr. and Mrs. G. Walton Cottrell
    Sarah & Craig Cummings
    The Darfler Family
    Mary Dauber
    Roy and Fran Dexheimer
    Tom and Barbara Dimock
    Duane Diviney and Jerald Shing
    Dave and Peggy Dunlop
    Geoff Dunn
    Randy and Ron Ehrenberg
    Nick Elser
    Enfield Elementary School PTA
    Madeline and Matt Estill
    David Evelyn and Jennifer Weinraub
    Sean and Nicole Eversley-Bradwell
    Kathy and John Failla
    Judith Fernandes
    Cayuga Landscape Co.
    Finkelstein/Pollack Family
    Donna Fleming and Rick Kaufman
    Harry, Nora, Charlotte Littell and Pat Fox
    Domenic Gagliano
    Catherine Gale and Mike Titlebaum
    Nancy Gates
    Hagen Family
    Stephen Hand, DDS
    Keith Harrington
    Mark Hartman
    Liz and Tom Hartman
    Brian Heltsley and Ann Hoffman
    Shane Henderson and Ally Rooks
    Kate Hinchcliff
    Thomas Hirasuna + Jean Hunter
    Margaret Hobbie and Roger Haydon
    Leni Hochman and Tim Joseph
    Margaret Hohenstein
    Nancy Howland
    Cornell Human Development
    Sami and Catherine Husseini
    Ithaca Council of PTAs
    John and Susan Jaquette
    William Johnson
    Herbert F. Johnson Art Museum
    Killian Summer
    Christina King
    S & B Kitchen
    Bill and Carol Klepack
    Kevin and Jenny Kniffin
    Barbara Knuth
    Judith Koch
    Jane Koestler and Jim Karpinski
    Christopher Kourkoutis
    Kathy Krafft
    Rick Larson
    Abe and Denise Lee
    Lynn Leopold
    Rebecca Lesses
    Gilbert and Ilma Levine
    Bruce and Claudia Voss Lewenstein
    Liquid State Brewing Company
    Peter and Enid Littman
    Jamie and Caitlin Loehr
    Patricia Longoria and Mason Peck
    Chris Lowe and Sarah Marcham
    Donna & Marla Lucy-Lender
    Mars Flying Saucer Corp.
    Ann W Martin
    Debra Matott
    Maria Matthews
    John Mazzello
    Ellen McCollister
    James McKown
    Mariah and Jacob McNamara
    Carolyn J. McPherson
    Emily and Joe Metz
    Mr. & Mrs. Michael Mignano
    Christian Miller
    Todd and Mary Iandoli-Miner
    Hrair and Lucy Missirian
    Cheryl and John Mitchell
    Corey Mitchell, Sr.
    Hallie Mitnick
    Gerry & Viola Monaghan
    Carolyn and Jacquelyn Moorad- Hsu
    Alice Moore and Robert Smith
    Jane Mt. Pleasant
    Erika Mudrak
    Robert Mueller
    The Musa Family

  • $101 – $249

    Renee Newton
    Bob O’Neill and Patty Weitzel O’Neill
    Margaret Hammond and John Oakley
    Shaianne Osterreich
    Art and Carrie Ostrander
    Haakon Oyen
    Iris Packman
    Anthony Pane
    Ritchie Patterson & Lawrence Gibbons
    Bonnie Peavy
    Phi Epsilon Kappa @ Ithaca College
    Brent Pitzer Memorial Foundation
    Aaron Proujansky
    Deborah Ptak
    John Putnam
    Lauren Putnam
    Allen Quirk
    Esther Racoosin and Eric Alani
    Don and Sue Rakow
    Joan Ramage and Leo MacDonald
    Amy Reading
    Ann Reichlin
    Judith Reppy
    James Rich
    Ken Roberts and Angela Cornell
    Susan Robinson
    Meggin Rose
    Mary Royer and Nelson Burdick
    Laurie Rubin
    Jim Rundle
    Elizabeth Bogel Ryan
    Ann Sampson Poe
    Robbie Sanders
    Kenneth J. Schlather
    Fred Schneider and Mimi Bussan
    Shelley Semmler
    Tim and Oulee Setter
    Moira and Daniel Sheehan
    The Sipple Family
    Suzanne and Jeff Snedeker
    Theresa Souchet
    Sara and Mark Speiser
    Jerry and Toni Stevenson
    Joshua Stone
    Abe and Laure Stroock
    Gregory Subtelny
    Miranda Swanson
    Lynn Swisher and John Hermanson
    Joan Tardif and Jeffrey Janowsky
    Eric Taylor
    Steven and Shannon Thayer
    Jeff Tonole
    Alexander Traina
    Alexander Travis
    True Insurance
    Joanne Trutko and Christopher Carey
    Rick Tucker
    Megan and Doug Turnbull
    Darryl Turner
    James and Wendy Undercofler
    Saskya van Nouhuys
    Lou Vogel
    Jodi Wadach
    Vanessa and Paul Wagner
    Charles and Jane Walcott
    Linus Walker & Family
    Stephanie Wang
    Suzanne Wapner
    Saltonstall Arts Foundation
    Eileen Yagoda and Ross Brann
    Stephen and Amy Yale-Loehr
    Karen and Geoffrey Yearwood
    Alexa Yesukevich
    Leah Yonker
    Christine and Stephen Zinder

  • INITIATORS $1-99

  • Initiators $1-99
    Anonymous (15)
    Keshet Abulof and Shani Abel
    Stevie Adams
    Allison Anderson
    Ben and Sarah Apker
    Alyssa Apsel
    Emily and Seth Art
    Kristine Averill
    Christie Avgar
    Max Backer and Lisa Barroca
    Katie Bagnall-Newmann
    John Bakum
    Megan Barber
    William Barnett
    Courtney Bassett
    Aurelie Beaumel
    Eknath Belbase and Eglantina Lucio-Belbase
    Carolyn Belle-Abbott
    Melanie Belmont
    Chelsea Benson
    Mary Berens
    Andrea Beukema
    Tonya Bittner
    Samantha Blasbalg
    The Blooms
    Asia Bonacci
    Eve Boyce
    Dan and Kathy Breiman
    Martha Brodhead
    Jessica Brown
    Paula Brown
    Nellie Brown
    Rita and Joe Calvo
    Mary Ann Camel
    Brittany Campese
    Maureen Carroll
    Diane Carruthers
    Jackie and Joe Cassaniti
    Shelby Chubb
    Cara Cirino
    Rick Cleary
    Bailey Colvin
    Community School of Music and Art
    Samuel Coradetti
    Ben Cosgrove
    Betsy Crane
    Jodi Creasap Gee
    Cindy Daly
    Leslie and Cody Danks Burke
    Erica and Christopher Dawson
    Julia Dean
    Lawanda Dean
    Chris Dellecave
    Jim Delrosso
    Barbara DeWall
    Leslie Dietrich
    Peggy Dolan
    Laura Dolch
    Kevin and Haley Dossinger
    Kathy and Rich Duell
    Marnie Ecklund
    Angela Ehmke
    Erin Eldermire
    Adam and Tonya Engst
    Roger and Sue Eslinger
    Lea Faehndrich
    Katie Fiorella
    Liane Fitzgerald
    Diane Florini and James Hamilton
    Tiffany Flowers
    Alyssa Fontaine
    Ernie and Masha Fontes
    Jennifer Forbes
    Zsofia Franck
    William and Barbara Fry
    Haley Fuller
    Lucy Gagliardo
    Lingli Gao
    Charles and Linda Garbo
    Mary Gardner
    Amanda Garris and Gavin Sacks
    Charles Gates
    Jodi Gee
    Denise Gelberg and Charles Wilson
    Josh Giblin
    Michael Gibson
    Thomas Gibson and Christine Heavner
    Rhonda and Jim Gilmore
    Renee Giroux
    Charles Githler
    Elizabeth Goldberg
    Susan and Michael Goldberg
    Robert and Eileen Gravani
    Sarah Grossman
    Mary Grover and Tom Knipe
    Alice Grow
    Wendy Gutman
    Luisa Guzman
    Camille Gyrya
    Trena Haffenden
    Hall Upholstery and Draperies
    Cristen Haltom
    Dianne and Norman Hansen
    Monica Hargraves
    Keith Harrington
    Amy Hastings
    Sara Hernandez
    Deawn Hersini
    Mildred Hochman
    Carol and Robert Hockett
    Steve Hoffman
    Kathryn Howlett
    Hannah Hudes
    Karen Hwa and Richard Keller
    Marybeth Ihnken
    Ileen Kaplan Piano Service
    Rhoda and Ralph Janis
    Stefan Jirka
    Erin Johnson
    Thomas Jungbauer
    Sherry Kadlec
    Jenna and Isaac Kain
    Marty Kaminsky and Martha Levine
    Mary Kane
    Marc and Phyllis Kaplan
    Marsha and Fredric Kardon
    Patricia Karr-Segal
    Janet Keefe
    Jaclyn Kelley-Widmer
    Amanda Kempf
    Diane Keyser
    Huda Kahn
    Irene Kiely
    Lynn Klankowski
    Valerie Klein
    Andrea Kochie
    Vally Kovary
    Jennifer Kozlowski
    Laura Krauss
    Edythe Krauss
    Aaron Kueck
    Andrea Lachance
    Marisa and Tom LaFalce
    Brian Lazzaro
    Laura Lewis and Kevin Murphy
    Catherine Porter and Philip Lewis
    Caren Lierz
    Myrna Lierz
    Martha E. Linke
    Corinna Loeckenhoff
    Cynthia Lucy
    Raylene Ludgate
    Carlson Lyon Family
    Deborah Lyons
    Margot Lystra
    Karl Madeo
    Natalie Mahowald
    Steven Manley and Aubryn Sidle
    Sue Mann
    Liesl Margolin
    Heidi and Steve Marschner
    Amy McCune and David Winkler
    Erin McKinley
    Chloe McLaren
    Kathleen McLaren
    Kevin and Elizabeth McMahon
    Michelle and Dave McNamara
    Daniel and Jean McPheeters
    Philip and Mary Lu McPheron
    Jeb and Christina Mead
    Gen Meredith
    Carrie Metzger
    Eric Miller and Sarah Rubenstein-Gillis
    Hayya Mintz
    Angelina Mirabell
    Krista Mugford
    Krista Mugford
    Erin Mulrooney
    Bill and Stacey Murphy
    Carol Murray

  • Jan and Janice Nigro
    Joseph Dolan
    Julie Nowlen
    Brendan O’Brien and Sachiko Funaba
    Madeleine Oakley
    Bertrand and Peggy Odom-Reed
    Michael and Katrina Ouckama
    Sheila Out
    Elissa Palmer
    Bernadette Parr
    Kara Peet
    Nicole Pellegrino
    Ashwini Phadnis Moghe
    Susan Phillips
    Photosynthesis Productions, LLC
    Jenny Pickett
    Kiana Pierro
    Veronica Pillar
    Bob and Marnee Pochily
    Trisha Porcheddu
    Sarah and Russell Posegate
    George and Dorothy Preston
    Robert Proehl
    Mark Pruce
    Kathy Putnam
    Elizabeth Quadrozzi
    Melissa and Jeff Rachlinski
    Randi Beckmann and John Hoffmann
    Meghan McQuaide Reiff
    Kristina Rennekamp
    Allison Rich
    Nancy Ridenour
    Rachel Beatty Reidl
    Martha and Steve Robertson
    Ann Rodzai and Doug Hanauer
    Kathy Rojas
    Kathy Rojas
    Rita Rosenberg
    David Rosenfeld
    Katrina Rudman
    Gail & Jim Salk
    Eva Salzman
    Carol Scheele
    Cyndy Scheibe
    George and Nancy Schuler
    Shankar and Mala Sen
    The Severson Family
    Stephen Shaffer
    Jennifer Sharma
    Michael and Karen Shuler
    Nancy Siegele and Hadley Smith
    Kenneth Simpson and Mia Slotnick
    Kimberly Singh
    Sarah Smith
    Rita Soto
    Hope Spithaler
    Joan Sprague
    Laurie Starr
    Karen Steffy
    Margaret and Rich Steinacher
    Gail Steinhart
    Roger Strang
    Lucia Strong
    Amy Sucheski-Drake
    Tia Sugrue
    Kate Supron
    Dyani Taff
    Amy Tai
    Sarah Tarrow
    Regi Teasley
    Carol Teelin
    Kaori Teramura
    Lynn Thitchener
    Christine Thompson
    Krisztina Tihanyi
    Rick Tocco
    Jo-Marcia Todd
    Leo Tohill and Irene Komor
    Mackenzie Torelli
    Trader Joe’s
    Diane Traina and Bill Schulze
    Lena Trancik
    Bradley Treat
    Yohko Tsuji
    Ann Tucker
    Bruce and Martha Turnbull
    Dmitri Tyurmin
    Mariellen and Will VanDyke Brown
    Gladira Velázquez
    Visions Federal Credit Union
    John and Pat Wahl
    Roberta and Lou Walcer
    Emily and Phil Walker
    Carol Wang
    Lisa and Chris Watkins
    Susan and David Watkins
    Jack Waxman
    Lucas Webb
    Marilyn Webb
    Timothy Weber
    Aaron Weinberg
    Julie Wells
    Emilie Wiesner
    Kathleen Wilcox
    Francis Wildenstein
    Savannah Williams
    Karen Wilson
    Paula Winner and Jay Russo
    Sarah Wolfolds
    Andrew Yale and Brenda Kuhn
    Nicole Zulu