Noreen Moore Memorial Award

I can’t state strongly enough how important IPEI is to the students of the Ithaca schools. IPEI is behind so much that enriches and excites the daily experiences of so many students throughout the district.

— ICSD Teacher
  • This award was presented for the first time in 2011 in memory of Noreen Moore, who was an active member of the Ithaca City School District staff and community. She fought through her life for families in need. To remember her contributions, this scholarship is presented to an Ithaca High School student who has the potential and desire to make the world an amazing place.



    2011 Aishiaa Welch
    2012 Carolyn Marie Eggleston
    2013 Pre Dee Hser
    2014 Brian Okumu
    2015 Conor Coutts
    2016 Pawlerpaw Ler
    2017 Juan Paulino
    2018 Brianna Mayu
    2019 Davina Barrett
    2020 Julia McNally
    2021 Autumn Niver
    2022 Louise Miller Out 
    2023 Le’Sean Lewis