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     Spelling Bee Rules

    1. Each team will consist of three members, and each team is asked to STAND during their designated round. (Chairs available is needed.).

    2. All teams should have a designated speller who will write the response on the white board.

    3. The Pronouncer will pronounce the word, give the definition of the word, use it in a sentence, give the language of origin, and pronounce the word once more.

    4. Each team will have 30 seconds to spell the word by writing it on the white board distributed to each team at the beginning of the round. The 30 seconds will begin when the Pronouncer has finished.

    5. The Timekeeper will give a warning when ten seconds remain.

    6. Team members may collaborate on the spelling of a word.

    7. Team members may ask to have a word pronounced another time during the 30 seconds by raising the bee wand provided, though the clock will not stop.

    8. If a team completes their word before the 30 seconds is up the designated speller will raise his or her hand.

    9. Any team that does not hold up the white board HIGH when the judges call for time will be eliminated. Any team continuing to write after time is called or attempting to change the word as written on the slate will be disqualified.

    10. Penmanship counts! If the word is illegible or if letters are ambiguous, the word will be treated as misspelled.

    11. Do not erase your slate until you have been told whether your spelling is correct. If a team erases its word too soon they may be disqualified. If a team attempts to rewrite the word on the slate, the team will be disqualified. If you have spelled the word correctly and the judges notify you of this you may erase and prepare for the next word.

    12. If you have spelled the word incorrectly, please drape one of your flags marked with an X over the front of your table and prepare for the next word. Upon missing the spelling of two words, a team is eliminated from the round. However, we are asking teams to remain standing at their table, despite being eliminated, until the round is completely over.

    13. The team left after all others in a particular round have been eliminated is declared the winner of that round, and will go on to compete in the Championship Round. Only one team from each round may participate in the Championship Round.

    14. In the event that all teams in a round are eliminated at the same time by a single word, additional words will be added until just one team remains. Spelling words are chosen from various sources.

    15. The format of the Championship round will remain a surprise and may differ from the format of rounds one through four. The format will be announced between the fourth and Championship rounds.

    16. Words will be pronounced according to the diacritical markings in Webster’s Third New International Dictionary (1993), the official Bee dictionary. These procedures and official rules will govern at the spelling bee. Any disputes will be resolved by the judges. There will be no appeals.

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