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    About Teacher Grants

    IPEI’s Teacher Grants program provides up to $1,500 for innovative community projects inside and outside ICSD classrooms. Funds to support Teacher Grants come from individuals and businesses that sponsor teams at the annual Adult Spelling Bee and from gifts to our annual fund.


    Teacher Grant applications for 2018-19 are due by October 10, January 9 and March 20. 

    Grants are due by midnight on the deadline date. All applications will be reviewed in the following week, and applicants will be notified within two weeks of the application deadline.


    Contact the Grants Committee at Grants@IPEI.org or by calling (607)256-­4734


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    Teacher Grants 2017-18

    Round 1

    Music for Unity and Social Change

    Ahrayna Zakos/BJM/grades K-5


    All in a Day

    Priscilla Reyer with Lisa Tsetse Teaching Artist /BJM/ grades Pre-K, Kindergarten, 1 and 4


    A Night at the Museum

    Cara Salibrici/Boynton/grade 6


    Hatchet Overnight With Primitive Pursuits

    Todd Crawford/Boynton/grade 6


    Breaching Social Barriers with Merengue

    Sharon Nelson and Jeannette Palmer/Boynton/grades 6-8


    Radio Dramas – Stories for the Ear

    Angela Levy/Cayuga Heights/grade 5


    Can we Talk, Rap, or Sing?: Building bridges between refugees/immigrants and American-born students

    Theresa Souchet/DeWitt/grade 8


    Music For Unity and Social Change

    Caitlin Bram/Fall Creek/grades K-5


    Biotechnology & Inquiry in the High School Setting

    Arti Jewett/IHS/various grades


    Human Rights- what are they and why do they matter?

    Claudia Miettunen/IHS/grades 9-12


    Up Close with Animals

    Allison Andersen, Abigail Bokaer/Fall Creek, K.

  • Making it possible...

    In 2006, Tompkins Trust Company established a $100,000 endowment honoring Charles E. Treman, Jr., a 1926 graduate of Ithaca High School and the bank’s longtime President and Chairman. The income from this fund provides IPEI with additional funds for annual grants for teachers’ classroom projects involving community partners.

    A retired teacher has made a gift to IPEI designated for “Grants”. She wants to facilitate creative integration of music into elementary curricula. In 2016-17, IPEI can fund one Teacher Grant, totaling up to $1,500; and two Red and Gold Grants, up to $500 each, for projects that do this. Examples include students composing songs related to subject matter, use of instruments, creating instruments from found objects, and writing poetry to music.

    A local financial institution has made a similar commitment to funding that encourages grants to encourage secondary school teachers to use Teacher Grants and/or Red and Gold Grants to integrate financial skills education into the curricula. Examples include developing innovative ways to increase student awareness of personal finance, of finance and economics as careers, and of entrepreneurship.