Grants, Engagement, And Why IPEI Matters

November 21, 2013

Last year, IPEI allocated more than $230,000 to enhance the education of ICSD students through Teacher Grants, Red and Gold Grants, Community Collaboration grants; its two affiliate organizations; awards from special funds; and the Kids Discover the Trail! program. This year, we received research-based proof that IPEI initiatives are making a big difference for Ithaca kids.

Data from reports submitted by teachers who were awarded grants during the 2012-13 school year showed that student engagement rose by an average of nearly 50% following IPEI grant-funded activities. And for students identified as “performing below grade level,” the average increase in engagement was even higher, almost doubling after participation in IPEI-funded programs!

So just what is student engagement? It’s an important component of learning that can be difficult to measure. IPEI asked teachers who funded programs and activities with IPEI grants to observe students’ body language, verbal participation, physical participation, independence, and excitement before and after the grant-funded activities.

We at IPEI are overjoyed to have what we have always believed officially confirmed. We are excited to continue providing resources to the amazing teachers of ICSD. But we can’t do that without¬†your¬† engagement – so consider donating to IPEI today!

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