IPEI Scavenger Hunt 2021

  • Online registration has concluded. You may sign up in person on the Ithaca Commons between 9-5 AM on Saturday or Sunday. We'll see you on the hunt!
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  • What’s this all about?

    Join IPEI’s friends and supporters in a fun, socially distant exploration of the downtown (and nearby) area!

    Ithaca, NY, April 17 & April 18.

    IPEI will host a Scavenger Hunt for families and community members on Saturday and Sunday, April 17 and 18. The two-day fundraising event will take place throughout downtown. Participants will receive a clue sheet and challenge themselves to find and visit multiple locations in and near downtown.

    Registration details:
    Participants may register for the event online by 5 PM on Friday, April 16.

    Online registration will close at 5 PM. Registration can occur on the day of the event on the Ithaca Commons, but prices will increase. 

    Event details:
    Once you’ve signed up, a clue sheet will appear in your email on April 17!
    ~20 clues will lead you to places of historical and cultural note in the downtown Ithaca area.

    You’ll have to interpret the clues, visit the locations and take images of themselves at the locations you believe correspond with the clues.

    Once complete, send all images to IPEI, who will share the locations and identify winners!


    Some more details:

    The locations within the hunt are all within walking distance of the Commons. you do NOT need a car. Bikes, scooters, etc are allowed where permitted by local laws and rules.

    The estimated walking time and distance for the Hunt are ~2-2.5 hours, and approx 4 miles, though your time and distance may vary as you determine your own route!


    Did someone say prizes?

    Complete our Scavenger Hunt and be entered into drawings to receive great prizes!

    Prizes will be awarded to a variety of Scavenger Hunters based upon the following criteria: 

    Find ‘em all!

    2 Prizes will be awarded to 2 random participants who successfully locate and submit all 12 locations. 

    Names will be added to a ‘hat’ and drawn live after 5 PM on Sunday, April 18!

    Find ‘em … most?! (8 or more correct)

    2 Prizes will be awarded to 2 random participants who locate and submit at least 8 correct locations. 

    Best Family/Pair or Pod pic at a location!

    IPEI’s board and volunteers will share out the best image from each location to win a prize! (1 prize per site)

    (“Best” is all in the eye of the beholder… but make us smile!)


    Special thanks to our prize donors:

    Agava Restaurant

    Avital’s Apiaries

    Firelight Camps

    Hilton Garden Inn & Kilpatrick’s Pub

    Ithaca YMCA

    Red’s Place

    Trader Joe’s 


  • Thank you to our community supporters!

    These Event Sponsors helped create this event!

    Location sponsors make IPEI’s grants possible!

  • We'll see you out on the Hunt!