What is Full Circle?

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Saturday, May 12 is the Full Circle Celebration of Kids Discover the Trail!

All Ithaca students and their families, and interested community members, are invited to visit the eight Discovery Trail sites on Saturday, May 12, between 10:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m., for the “Full Circle Celebration” of Kids Discover the Trail! (KDT!). Because this year’s fifth graders are the first group of students to have completed the full circle of all eight Discovery Trail-based learning experiences during their elementary school years, this open house style event has been planned to celebrate the “full circle”.

Ful Circle Celebration

At the seven Discovery Trail museums and the public library, visitors can learn about Kids Discover the Trail! programming on May 12. No admission will be charged except at the Sciencenter.  Second grade students whose classes visited the Sciencenter with KDT! this school year have family passes that can be used for entry.

School bus transportation is being offered for Ithaca City School District students with accompanying adults and children who wish to participate in the “Full Circle Celebration”. Buses will pick up in the morning from the eight elementary schools, travel to the Discovery Trail sites, and return to the schools after 1:00 p.m.  Students and families will not be picked up at their weekday bus stops, but should come to any elementary school departure point.

The first buses will depart from Caroline, Fall Creek and Cayuga Heights Elementary Schools at 9:30 a.m. following Blue, Green and Gold Routes. Each will follow its route schedule to the other five elementary schools and then to Discovery Trail sites with 9:40 a.m. pickups at Belle Sherman, Beverly J. Martin and Northeast; 10:00 a.m. at South Hill and 10:30 a.m. at Enfield.  Routes will cross at the Sciencenter so riders can transfer to a different route if they wish to visit sites on other routes. The routes will be posted at www.ipei.org, and at the Discovery Trail sites and on the buses; and will be distributed to all ICSD elementary students by the schools.

KDT! is the collaboration of the Ithaca Public Education Initiative (IPEI), Ithaca City School District (ICSD) and the Discovery Trail that connects  all ICSD elementary students and teachers with the resources of the trail organizations each year for a program designed to complement their grade level curriculum. Discovery Trail sites include the Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell, the Tompkins County Public Library, the Museum of the Earth, the Sciencenter, Cornell Plantations, The History Center’s Eight Square Schoolhouse, Cornell’s Lab of Ornithology, and the Cayuga Nature Center. Program themes include animals in art, dinosaur science, clean energy, 19th century life, and local bird habitats.

Click here to download a copy of the bus schedule for this event.

KDT! Full Circle Celebration Programming at Discovery Trail Sites

All Ithaca students and families, and community members, are welcome to visit any site on May 12. Bus transportation is available but not required for participation.

Johnson Museum of Art at Cornell Pre-Kindergarteners visit with KDT!
Meet a seven-headed snake, a Tibetan yak and a guardian lion through an interactive scavenger hunt. Families can also test the new iPod touch guides to help them discover samurai armor and over 1,000 objects from the museum's collections.

Tompkins County Public Library Kindergarteners visit with KDT!
TCPL will welcome visitors and introduce the do-it-yourself scavenger hunt in the Youth Services Department. Read the Library Lion book and hug our stuffed “library lion”.

Museum of the EarthFirst graders visit with KDT!
Expand the hands-on museum experience at our special touch table featuring Whale Baleen, Mastodon rib bones, Wooly Mammoth teeth, Portland Point Shale, Dinosaur Fossils and more! Public is invited to Community Day on May 12, too.

Sciencenter Second graders visit with KDT!
At the Sciencenter, there will be a table staffed by a museum educator demonstrating the hands-on windmill building activity that all second grade students do when they visit on their KDT! trip. Students will be invited to show their families how to build windmill blades and test their designs.

Cornell Plantations Third graders visit with KDT!
Involve all your senses by tasting, smelling, and comparing the ginger plant used to make gingersnaps to our native plant, wild ginger. Everyone will receive a wild ginger rhizome to grow their own patch!  Start your visit at our new Nevin Welcome Center off Plantations Road and follow the trail to the Mundy Wildflower garden to witness the exploding spring bloom--wildflowers that third grade students study.

The History Center in Tompkins County Fourth graders visit with KDT!
Come to the Eight Square Schoolhouse and be among the first families to view the newly renovated space!  Enjoy complimentary refreshments and our costumed interpreters as they conduct flag raising ceremonies and regale visitors with tales of schoolhouse history.  Play old fashioned games indoors and out, and partake in scavenger hunts.

Cayuga Nature Center Fifth graders have two KDT! experiences
Learn all about the TEAM Challenge rope course with an informative table in the Nature Center lodge. In addition, there’s animal feeding at noon.

Laboratory of Ornithology at Cornell Fifth graders have two KDT! experiences
May 12 is the Lab’s day-long family-friendly Migration Celebration and there will be a video to introduce visitors to fifth-grade KDT! habitat study.


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