First '16-'17 Grants Announced, Second Round Due Jan. 18

December 8, 2016

2016-coverIPEI’s Grants Committee has announced the first round of Teacher Grants and Red & Gold Grants for the 2016-17 school year; $18,848 has been awarded for 28 projects designed to enhance the education of ICSD students.

IPEI Executive Director Steven Manley expressed, “The level of excitement in the Grants Committee meeting was palpable as we envisioned innovative work in ICSD classrooms. We are so proud to support of the teachers of the ICSD!”

The next grant application deadline is January 18 for Teacher Grants, Red & Gold Grants and Connecting Classrooms Grants. Learn more about each grant and how to apply here:

Grants made by IPEI during the 2015-16 year are celebrated by over 100 gold ribbon posters presented to the recipients in their schools and are highlighted in the recently released Annual Report that is available in print and online at

IPEI Grants 2016-17

Round 1

Teacher Grants

Breaching Social Barriers with Merengue
Sharon Nelson and Jeannette Palmer/Boynton with Jorge Cuevas’ Percussion and Dance Workshops

OMNI Africa: Objects and their Makers
Eric Reiff/Belle Sherman with Carol Hockett, Johnson Museum of Art

Enfield Garden-based Initiative
Maureen Gilroy/Enfield with Lauren Salzman, Ithaca Children’s Garden, and Colleen McKenzie, Enfield School Age Program

Meet Me Where I Am
Nancy Braun and Arne van Leuken/BJM with Lisa Tsetse

Accessing Art
Lydia Dolch/Fall Creek with Carol Hockett, Johnson Museum of Art

Caroline Cougars Collecting Science Data and Camping in a National Park 
Brain VanGorder/Caroline with National Park Service and Chuck Layton

Morocco Cultural Exchange
Steve Weissburg and Todd Noyes/Ithaca High with Lmsalla High School, Casablanca, and Islamic Community Outreach Services


Red and Gold Grants

A Night at the Museum!
Cara Salibrici and Gina Amici/Boynton

From Seed to Table
Robert Novick/Northeast

An Exploration of Medieval Treasures and the Role of the Hero
Viewing WWI through Art
Lauren McKown Mellander/IHS

The Modern Music Classroom
Jonathan Keefner/Enfield and Fall Creek

Using a Multi-Sensory Approach to Teach Social Emotional Skills
Varya Siegel and Sarah Smith/Fall Creek

NYS Baroque Meets DeWitt Chamber Orchestra
Aaron Buck/DeWitt

Differentiated Instruction
Margaret Philipson/Cayuga Heights

Ithaca High School Band 100th Anniversary Commission Project
Nicki Zawel/IHS

Pilot Trauma Informed Classroom Materials Lending Library
Jill Barbuti van Leuken/BJM

Changing Graphs and Shapes from 2D Paper into 3D Space in Geometry and Calculus
Gauri Kolhatkar and David Pepe/IHS

Can You Build It? Using STEM Based Building Manipulative/Materials to Create Structures through Team Challenges
Catherine Hart/Fall Creek

Yoga and Mindfulness
Diane Booth and Sonnary Phongswath/Boynton

Touch Math
Joby Greenspun and Denise Place/South Hill

Young Yogis
Taura McMeekin/Enfield

“The Hero in You” by Ellis Paul, Singer and Songwriter
Dorothy Preston/Caroline

Building Community Through Art – A Mosaic Mural Project
Sarah Locke-Mountin/Cayuga Heights

Library Makerspace
Milly Stephenson/Caroline

LEGO Makerspace
Megan Hulburt/Northeast

Jump-Rope, Plyometric Box Fitness, Double Dutch, Muscular Strength, Cardiovascular Fitness Improvement Initiative!
Sam Trechter/Belle Sherman

Caroline Physical Education JUMP STARTS the Year!
Amy Seldin-Murphy/Caroline

It’s A Watery World – Hands on Lessons
Julie Wells/Caroline

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